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Hanks Telescoping Products Hanks Telescoping Products

The Hanks Telescoping Herbst™ features a unique ball/socket screw design that allows full excursion of the mandible while decreasing breakage and increasing patient acceptance. Because the Hanks Herbst is a true one-piece design, installing the appliance is easy and efficient, with no extra pieces (apple core screws etc.) to fumble with or to fall into the patient’s mouth. Simply load the telescoping arm on the wrench and attach it directly to the upper/lower nut. While the true one-piece design telescoping arm is available in four sizes, the most common used 18-mm sizes allow full bicuspid-to-bicuspid bonding, simultaneously correcting malocclusions while advancing the mandible. Often, this eliminates the need for two-phase treatment.


  • True one-piece telescoping arm design completely eliminates binding and use of apple core screws.
  • Very low profile design fits comfortably with unlimited lateral excursions.
  • Fewer Emergency visits: gives patient a full range of jaw function without binding or disengaging.
  • Can allow full bicuspid-to-bicuspid bonding, eliminating the need for two-phase treatment.
Rollo Band Option
Hanks Telescoping Products
Strength of crown with occlusal opening for easy removal and more effective light-curing


Design by University of Insubria-Varese, Italy, this expander applies a constant force of 800g through the inner coil spring which produces a dental movement under bio-mechanical control. The activation of the screw is done by the clinician eliminating any key activating turns by the patient.

Spring Expander 800 g Inner Coil Spring RPE
4 band design 800 g Inner Coil Spring  2 band design

1ST APPOINTMENT: Insert/cement the screw, next cut/remove the activation clip (initiating constant expansion by the inner spring) resulting in a 2.7mm expansion over the next 6-8 weeks. NO KEY TURNS ARE DONE AT THIS APPOINTMENT and expansion stops once the 2.7mm expansion is reached.

2ND APPOINTMENT: Reactivate the expansion force by turning the screw 20 times, which activates the screw to expand 2 additional mm.

3RD APPOINTMENT: Reactivate the expansion force by turning the screw another 20 times which activates the screw to expend 2 additional mm. Resulting in 7mm of total expansion before the 4th appointment.

4TH APPOINTMENT (IF MORE EXPANSION IS NEEDED): Reactivate the expansion force by turning the screw 5-10 times. Resulting in a total of 8mm of expansion before the 5th appointment



Inman Power ComponentInman Power Component

Offered only by quality labs the 2 1/2 year tested Inman Power Component (IPC) is designed to fabricate a variety of completely controllable appliances. Used in conjunction with a NiTi coil spring, it provides light, continual forces that are recommended for molar distalization, expanding arches, protruding anteriors and regaining space. The IPC’s compressed coil spring provides an easy to adjust force controlled by a unidirectional sliding lock. The one way lock can be advanced 1mm “CLICK” at at time compressing the spring in 1mm increments for accurate predictable activation. The simple design makes advancement easy and accurate with no worry of stripping, binding or back up. IPC’s simplistic beauty also allows adjustments to be done by the patient or clinician, making it a very efficient choice of creating force.

Inman Power Component


  • The IPC is low profile and extremely comfortable compared to other component available.
  • The lock is unidirectional and won’t back up compressing the spring in 1mm increments.
  • The IPC may be used for many types of movement, from simple space regainers to advanced 3-way arch development.

Inman Power Component



Our Superior Repositioning, Centric, and Bruxism splints now can be made with the Hard/Soft material option. This option is the most widely prescribed splint design due to it’s comfort and fit. Two special layers make up the comfortable fitting design. A 1mm soft vinyl laminate inner layer and 2mm hard polycarbonate outer layer. The soft internal surface rests comfortably against the teeth and gums, while the hard occlusal surface faces the opposite arch and bonds with acrylic for easy modification of any type of splints. At Euro Lab our splints are constructed to your occlusal plane specifications on the upper or lower arch, guaranteeing excellent fit and retention.